2017 ACTIVITY SCHEDULE (under construction)

18 January 2017

                        6:00 Executive Meeting (Sceduled Annual Events) 


20 January 2017

                        7:30 Lodge of Perfection, Regular Meeting, KSA Annual Burns Night, Double Eagle Awards



17 February   Presidents Day (Sonny Head 32° KCCH) (Buy Flowers for the Ladies)


17 March  Masonic Movie Night (Ill Br. Ed Tante)


21 April  Remembrance and extinguishing of lights, 6:45 Dinner, Renewal

5:00 Executive Meeting

                         6:30 Remembrance extinguishing of lights

                        6:45 Dinner will follow Remembrance

                        7:30 Lodge of Perfection, Regular Meeting; Renewal


19 May 4th Degree

20  May Continue Degree work (8 candidates) Spring Reunion

“black hat” team on 4th degree

29th Degree Team will try to be ready



Fundraising activities


16 June    Cap and Ring Ceremony,  Scholarship presentation and Awards


21 July


18 August


15 September   Feast of Tishri, Guest Speaker, Deputy Grand Master Larry W. Nichols


20 October   


17 November   Fall Reunion Class


15 December  meeting we conducted our Capping and Ring Ceremony  and Christmas Program

Held elections and installed new officers


January 2018