General Guidelines: Points for the Award are accumulated on a continuing basis with a cutoff date of December 31st each year for the level of recognition to be presented at the following annual Double Eagle Awards Nights, the regular monthly Consistory Meeting held in January or February. Because points required for Neck Ribbon advancements usually take longer than a year, these are awarded in a timely fashion throughout the year.

It is the responsibility of each participant to sign attendance sheets by printing in a legible manner your name for each qualified event, at the time the event takes place. Names must legible for points to be issued.   Degree Masters, Reunion Staff, and Committee Chairmen submit the names of participants for activities under their charge to the Awards Chairman.

Organization leaders are responsible for reporting attendance at their respective meetings and special events to the secretary. This includes Community based Clubs, Knight Commander Court of Honor (KCCH), Past Masters Units, and Scottish Rite Guard.   The Chairman of the Double Eagle program will track points and post totals on the bulletin board each month as he receives reports from group and committee leaders.


Levels of Recognition

500 points = Basic medallion with black ribbon
1,000 points = Red hanging bar
1,500 points = White hanging bar
2,000 points = Blue hanging bar
2,500 points = Gold hanging bar
5,000 points = Red neck ribbon
7,500 points = White neck ribbon
10,000 points = Light Blue neck ribbon
15,000 points = Red, White and Blue Tri-color ribbon
20,000 points = Gold double eagle pin on tri-colored ribbon.


Points for attendance and participation:

Meetings for Consistory, Executive Committee, etc. = 25
Consistory Perfect Attendance for year = 50 bonus
Present at SGIG Visitations = 25 Bonus
Attendance at Annual Installation of Officers = 100
Flag Day & Reunions = 25 participation & 25 program attendance
Ceremony of Remembrance & Renewal = 25
Organization meetings prior to Lodge meeting (Guard Unit)=20
Organization meetings - Past Master Unit and KCCH = 20
Feast of Tishri, Flag Day, Veterans Remembrance = 20 per event
Special Event Workers (at above) = 20 per event
Knights of St. Andrew Guard Duty = 20 per session
Work on Hospitality Committee = 25 per session
Work on fundraising event = 20 per session
Volunteer Office & Building work = 10 points per hour
Officers & Standing Committee Members = 100 per year
Honor Award (KCCH, 33deg IGH) = 150 in that year
Foundation Trustee Meetings =100 per year
Sponsor a new Affiliation, or Restore a Non-PD Brother = 75
Visit Scheduled Scottish Rite Valleys = 25

First-Line Signer per candidate = 100
Reunion Class Director, Degree Masters, Degree Chairmen = 100
Tylers, Floor & Stage Hands, & Wardrobe Staff = 10 per hour
Degrees - Speaking Parts = 75
Degrees - non-speaking Parts = 25
Off-stage readings & Music support = 25
Individual Degree Light & Sound Technician = 25 each
Degree & Ceremony Practices = 10 each