The Albany Scottish Rite Center is located at 2800 North
Jefferson Street just north of the Jefferson Street exit of the Liberty
Expressway Bypass (US 19/US 82/520 Bypass). Located on approximately 8 acres,
covered by fledgling Pine Trees, and just 200 yards from the Flint River Dam
backwaters, the Building sustained extensive flood damage in 1994, when water
reached the 8 foot mark inside the building. The building has been restored to
its previous splendor.

A prominent roadside sign identifying the Scottish Rite
Center was installed a few years back making the Center easy to find.

The Building has an enclosed front porch, a good sized
foyer, administrative offices, a library and conference room, a 4,000 square
foot Lodge Room, a 1675 square foot Dining Room, a fully equipped Kitchen and
even an Apartment on the second floor.

When entering the facility, the first thing you view is the
smiling faces of the Office Assistant, Florence Neese and the Secretary, George

The Lodge Room has been restored with the generous donation
of many Scottish Rite Masons who bought theater type seats at $100.00 and other
items needed to perform the various degrees. We owe many thanks to many people,
especially our previous S.G.I.G. Illustrious Brother Bill Hutcheson, for
financial assistance in restoring our Center. We are slowly rebuilding our
Library, receiving donations from our members of books and periodicals. The
Kitchen and Dining Room, which had to be totally restored, are used every
meeting night and for quarterly Family Dinners.

Our meetings nights are the second Tuesday of each month and
begin at 7:30 p.m. After each meeting, which usually has a featured speaker or
program relating to Masonry or an item of interest, we enjoy a great meal,
prepared by the Ladies Auxiliary. Visiting Brothers are always welcome.

The Officers of the various Bodies and committee assignments
are reflected within.

Our Newsletter, "SCOTTISH RITE NEWS" is published quarterly and mailed to all
members, other Valleys, Editor of the Scottish Rite Magazine and the S.G.I.G.
Leonard E. Buffington