John Ohrt, 32° KCCH,  State Membership Committee Member for the Valley of Columbus

 Valley of Columbus VMAP Chairman

Tony McCool 32° Membership Chairman for the Valley of Columbus

Valley Membership Achievement Project (VMAP)


The Valley Membership Achievement Project (“VMAP”) uses a range of implementable activities with the goal of increasing the engagement, involvement, and enjoyment of their members, thereby “Providing Brothers with a Superior Scottish Rite Experience”.  The Project tracks progress and completion in ten specific areas of operation:

  • Membership Recruitment
  • New Member Engagement
  • Degree Conferral Proficiency
  • Reunion Experience
  • Scottish Rite Education for Candidates
  • Scottish Rite Education for Members
  • Officer Responsibilities & Engagement
  • Philanthropy & Public Image
  • Membership Retention
  • Valley Organizations.